1. If you are afraid of bulking up,your fears are totally unjustified.Your hormonal profile is vastly different from that of the men.
Even if you desperately seek bulking you won’t achieve it if you are going the natural way.

Don’t take as a reference point the women-freaks of the relevant magazines as they are mindlessly using big quantities of anabolic steroids.

Strength training will give you-in combination with the improvement of your body composition profile-the sexy,defined look that all the experienced and knowledgeable male population deeply appreciates.

Strength training will save you from the unsightly sagging effect characterizing many critical parts of your body,an effect that aggravates as you grow up.It will help tone up your underlying muscles.

Greek women are very beautiful but very lazy too.They don’t like to train and when they do they are not working seriously enough.
Over the age of 18 ,even the slimmest of them have very high body fat percentages.Thus the sensuality they emit is stagy,fragile and vulnerable.

2. Strength/weight will not subtract from your femininity.Rather the opposite!

3. Strength development is not a subject pertaining only to males
Increased strength helps women be more independent and accomplish more easily many of the everyday tasks and choirs.

4. Weight training is excellent but it needs to be combined with an aerobic activity.This way you will reap the maximum benefits from your training regime.

This combination will help you keep your valuable muscle mass while simultaneously shedding fat.
If you incorporate both training modes in the same workout-which is perfectly advisable-take care to perform your weight training first.The reasons:

-you will have the stamina to execute your program in the right way and better benefit from this

-you will deplete your glycogen stores and thus burn more fat during the aerobic part.

You will achieve maximum fat loss and muscle building results if you combine HIIT with circuit weight training.

In front of the hypothetical dilemma to choose only one way of training I would definitely opt for weight/strength training.
And this I would do because there are numerous ways to incorporate aerobic characteristics in a weight training workout.

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