When a woman resolves to follow out a body building program, she is usually unstoppable. Progress may dally and gains limited, but the determination to maintain a rigorous and consistent body building routine is perhaps more evident in female body builders than in their counterpart males. With persistent efforts therefore, many a woman are en route to the fame and fortune of a professional body builder. Some constraints however accumulate to yield failure of such a determined program. The following four constitutes some key ingredients of such failure.

Many female body builders still maintain a negative attitude towards muscle gains despite being in the professional league. Most maintain that they don’t want to become too muscular. The attainment of a healthy attractive physique demands a lot of dedication and solid commitment to a training program especially in professional body building. Muscles don’t grow overnight and the woman can manage to regulate the rate of muscle generation during a program. Rather than avoid weight training in fear of muscles, female body builders should learn that femininity is and should not be marked by weakness. Adequate dieting and exercises help female body builders tone down and manage their muscle mass and maintain it at the optimum.

Most professional body builders also make the mistake of stopping their training weeks before a competitive event and then concentrate exclusively on the routine. After working so intensely and consistently, the female body builders then loose the very muscle mass they had managed to accumulate when they abandon weight training. Furthermore, abandoning weight training robs the opportunity of toning and refining muscle definition necessary to win a championship. Weight training should go up to the material day. Actually, pumping some weights backstage as they wait to hit the stage is a great way of inflating muscles with blood using high reps of light weight barbells.

Female body builders usually cut out their water intake before a major competitive event. This is in a bid to lean out the muscles by dehydrating muscle-held water. Water should indeed be reduced but very gradually leading to the material day. The point is not to be striated and dehydrated, rather to stimulate optimal muscle definition and compactness. Reducing water gradually helps the system adjust to a point where there will be no setback effects for water lack. Sipping water the day before the show is good enough to keep the system functional and still ensure the efficiency of the metabolic process that are still ongoing.

The fourth mistake prominent among competitive female body builders is last minute efforts. When an upcoming event is a month away, the body builders scrape everything and throw it in one routine that is meant to make everything achievable. The giant training routine thereby adopted for the crucial month becomes the cause of frustrations and overtraining. After being inconsistent for months in the training, after jumping the diet requirements time and again, after ignoring some key elements of a training regime, the body builder hopes to make it all right by putting in one great month of training. The end of that month is more injurious and disappointing that body building seems like a punishment from hell. A competitive body builder should maintain a rigid, consistent and rigorous training program whose intensity and comprehensively must build up gradually on months leading up to the event. The month before the event ought to help put only the finishing touches to optimal training routines.

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